Best Gun Games For Android: FPS (Latest September 2021)

Are you one of them those who are on the hunt to play the new game then definitely your wait has been over at this end because here today I am sharing some of the Best gun games for android with FPS compatibility to feel amazing graphics in your android device.

FPS games (first person shooters) are among the most exciting sport genres on the market. It is among the most well-known genres ever. Furthermore, a variety of high-value games have come from it, such as Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny, and lots of others. Believe it or not, there is actually a healthful source of FPS games on Android that you are able to dig into.If you have obtained your trigger finger ready, here would be the very best FPS games on Android right now.

Most of these require at least a semi-decent device to play. They tend to have heavy graphics, higher requirements on Internet usage and therefore are generally just large resource-consuming games. Fortnite is another excellent FPS game on Android, but it is not in the Play Store therefore we did not list it. You can click here for setup instructions in the event you wish to try that one!

Top 10 Best Gun Games For Android (Latest September 2021)

best gun games for android

As we always try to provide the best stuff to our users that really make them satisfied by playing games therefore we daily updated our games list according to month.

Below I had just listed some of the Best android gun games in a detailed way to making the perfect decision by reading all reviews in a short manner. the provided list are as follow:

Call of Duty: Mobile

It also helps that people actually like the game. It is a fairly standard online FPS shooter with routine PvP as well as a 100-player battle royale mode. The normal PvP includes the standard deathmatch along with some iterations. Players can also customize their equipment and also unlock more stuff. It’s relatively new in contrast to most FPS games but it’s already among the largest names in all of mobile gaming.

Critical Ops

Critical Ops is one of the newer FPS games. It is technically still in public beta without a full release yet. In this one, you can choose to be part of an anti-terrorism device and prevent play or destruction as a terrorist and cause destruction. It features online multiplayer modes, leaderboards, and decent graphics to create a fairly complete overall experience. The game has evolved considerably from its early times and manages to become among the truly great FPS games on Android not termed PUBG Mobile or Fortnite.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the mobile port of the very popular FPS game on console and PC. This game falls on an island with 100 complete players. The target is to be the last one left standing. It functions amazingly well for just how fresh it is. Additionally, the mechanics are above average, even for a mobile FPS game. Fortnite is another outstanding option in precisely the exact same FPS sub-genre as PUBG Mobile. There are also some decent PUBG Mobile clones as well.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a sci-fi FPS game with elements of horror, survival, and RPG. You will play as the main character and you can choose one of three protagonists. Additionally, you will have a lot of gear, weapons, and body implants to discover and level up over the duration of the game. It features over 20 hours of campaign and tons of options for updating. Of course, you’ll be leveling up your character as well. It’s fantastic graphics as well. This is one of the better FPS games for players that enjoy campaign more than aggressive matchmaking. The only knock on it’s the lack of updates during the last year. We hope they update the game shortly to keep it current so it doesn’t fall into obscurity.


Hitman: Sniper is one of the very unique FPS games. Your personality is perched out of a building, appearing in with a sniper rifle. Your task is to simply take out the various goals without anyone getting suspicious about your location. The game contains over 150 missions, various sniper rifles to unlock, leaderboards, and it also includes some strategy components. It is relatively inexpensive and can be a great deal of fun if you prefer a little more approach rather than raw, super speedy action.

Infinity Ops

It launched under a different name and re-branded soon afterward. It’s a multiplayer online aggressive experience within a sci-fi setting. The sport features above typical social features, clans, various in-game weapons, jet packs, along with a number of game modes. The mechanics and graphics are also quite good in comparison to most average FPS games. Most of the game’s feedback is surprisingly positive with the exclusion of those who run into bugs.

Into the Dead 2

It comes with a lot of the very same mechanics in the very first. You run through areas of zombies to survive. The player gets a ton of weapons to unlock and update. This variant also contains some plan elements and pet companies as well. The pictures are above average. It also works nicely for being a portable game and comprises multiple endings. The game has a surprising amount of depth for becoming a mobile game. It’s a freemium sport and that is never perfect. However, it’s still an excellent FPS game.

Modern Combat 5: eSports

Modern Combat 5 is among the most popular and mainstream FPS games on the internet. The game comes with some good graphics, tons of content, online multiplayer, and more. Its popularity virtually guarantees that there is always someone online to play against or with. It also comes with a campaign-style, six different character classes that you can level up and customize, and support for hardware controls. It all adds up to a very solid experience. These days, the game is even promoting itself as an eSport.

NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy is the most recent name in a franchise of popular FPS games. It is a sci-fi shooter that accompanies a complete campaign-style, decent graphics, several game modes, online multiplayer mode, and more. You can also craft and update your weapons. A number of its tertiary attributes include leaderboards, character customizations, and passing camera replays in multiplayer mode. It is a freemium game. That makes it feel and play differently than its predecessors. Nonetheless, it’s among the best. Do not think it’s a 20MB claim, though. It is much bigger than that.

Shadowgun War Games

This one plays much like names such as Overwatch. It is all online PvP with assorted characters with various abilities. It is brand new so the programmers haven’t added a bunch yet but more is forthcoming in future updates. This one had a small rough launch so that the Play Store rating is somewhat low, but upgrades have fixed a lot of those difficulties. MADFINGER additionally makes UNKILLED, the Dead Trigger series, and the other Shadowgun games. They are all amazing FPS games on Android.

Wrapping It Up

When the talk comes about gaming the Gear2day is always first to provide the best gaming reviews so therefore here we had just enlisted the best gun games for android to play in an FPS style with a high graphics experience.

So here comes the end and i hope that you had make your decison and choose your Best gun game for android device by reading our latest gaming review.


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